Top over-50 Fashion Bloggers: The Fierce 50 Campaign

Top over-50 Fashion Bloggers: The Fierce 50 Campaign

Heute ist ein besonderer Tag! Ich bin mächtig stolz, dass ich mich zu den Top 50 Fashion Bloggerinnen weltweit zählen darf. Heute – am 50. Tag des Jahres 2017 – beginnen die 50 Top Fashion Bloggerinnen, die über 50 Jahre jung sind, etwas Einzigartiges! Lass Dich begeistern von der Idee, die hinter dieser riesigen Aktion steckt und die von vier bezaubernden Ladies ins Leben gerufen wurde.

THE FIERCE 50 Campaign!

A group of over-50 Bloggers have united together to create an annual movement – called THE FIERCE 50 CAMPAIGN celebrating and honoring one another at midlife and beyond.

Each woman participating in the annual campaing is paired with another blogger to create an inspirational post on their respective blog. With this campaign, the group of women over 50 intend to show that they are united as one and believe in standing togehter to genuinely love and support one another.

I’m really proud to introduce you to a charming Lady, Nora Minassian from JACKET SOCIETY, a greatful femal fashion blogger and designer.  Nora is one of my first contacts which I have had with women in the USA, when I started with my blog two years ago.

Nora – from Jacket Society

Nora – the woman with a charming smile and the most beautiful jackets and blazers, which she creates as a fashion designer.

Tell me a little bit about yourself, where do you live? What is your background?

I am 53 years young and I live in Los Angeles, California. I am Armenian originally, I moved to USA when I was only a Teenager. I attended Otis College of Art and Design and received my BA in fashion design and merchandising and have worked in the fashion industry for the last 30 years. I am married to an Englishman, this is my second marriage, and I have a 20-year-old son from my previous marriage. My son attends University of California (USC) in Los Angeles and lives at USC housing but I get to see him quite often. I enjoy reading, traveling and taking nice long walks.

How did you start Blogging?

I was always getting complimented in how I dress and asked by women where I shop, so I decided to start a personal styling blog. I wanted it to be a little different than other personal styling blogs, so I decided to make jackets the most important part of my looks which is how I usually approach styling.

How and when did you start JACKET SOCIETY?

Jacket Society was born from my love of jackets in Sept 2013. At first it was meant to be a personal styling blog emphasizing the importance of jackets in one’s Looks. Given the fact that I am a fasion designer to begin with, after doing the blog for a while and showing diffent looks, I felt I could design and produce some of my own jackets to show and sell on my web site.

As a designer, when I used to work on a collection, I would always start with a jacket, I felt that it set the tone for the rest of the collection. This is exactly how I approach my personal style too, everything starts with a jacket. Soon after the blog had launched, I added to shop to my web site and started selling my own designed jackets and blazers which I styled on the blog.

Anything else you want my readers to learn about you?

I am very excited because after selling my jackets and blazers, I received a lot of positive feedback from my readers and customers so I decided to add jewelry and scarves to the site. Recently we have shawls, capes, tops and blouses as well. I style a lot of these pieces weekly on my blog so my readers and customers know how to wear them. We ship internationally to all countries and I do have some customers from Germany as well.

Thank you so much for reading about me and my company and remember style has no Age limit. I hope you will stop by JACKET SOCIETY and check it out.

Dear Nora, I thank you so much for your warm words and lovely pictures about you and your gorgeous collection of jackets and blazers.

I want to say thank you to all the lovely women who created the idea of THE 50 FIERCE Campaign. I am really proud to be part of such a great day! Thank you so much to…

Now I’m really curious how you like the FIERCE 50 Campaign

  • What do you think of this unique idea?

In my opinion it is the right time, that in Germany the fashion blogger over 50 should break down boundaries. Write me your opinion, your comments and what are your ideas for being strong together.

Hughs and kisses



13 Kommentare

    • Martina Berg
      20. Februar 2017 / 14:52

      Liebe Alnis, ich danke Dir vielmals, dass Du mir so einen herzlichen Kommentar hinterlassen hast – ich freue mich wirklich sehr darüber. Ja, wir Ladies haben uns etwas einfallen lassen, damit die Modeindustrie wachgerüttelt wird. Liebe Grüße Martina

  1. 19. Februar 2017 / 20:54

    Danke für diesen tollen Bericht. 🙂
    Nora looks gorgeous and her style is incredible perfect … it shows the privilege of 50+ Ladies: They know exactly how to dress pretty and suitable for all occasions.

    • Martina Berg
      20. Februar 2017 / 14:49

      My dear, Nora is a wonderful Designer and I am a FAN from her gorgeous Blazer and jackets. We are really proud to be over 50 Ladies. I think you cannot wait any longer? 🙂 – Regards Martina

    • Martina Berg
      20. Februar 2017 / 14:48

      Liebe Anne, vielen Dank, dass die Serie auch bei DIR so gut angekommen ist. Nora ist eine tolle Designerin – ich liebe ihre Mode. Sei lieb gegrüßt – Martina

  2. Eva P.
    19. Februar 2017 / 21:41

    Liebe Martina,

    ein spannendes Projekt stellst Du uns da vor. Da gibt es bestimmt noch viele tolle Blogs zu entdecken. Und für den Anfang hast Du uns gleich eine ganz tolle Partnerin vorgestellt.
    Nora is looking gorgeous and I love her style. Very inspiring for me as a jacket is one of my wardrobe staples, too. I would even say that without a jacket I never feel completely dressed.


    • Martina Berg
      20. Februar 2017 / 14:47

      Liebe Eva, ja, es ist wirklich großartig, was die Mädels in den USA so alles auf die Beine stellen. Nora ist eine bezaubernde Lady und eine einzigartige Designerin. Ich liebe ihre Blazer, Blusen und Capes – bestimmt werde ich demnächst einen Blazer bei ihr kaufen. Und dann natürlich hier vorstellen. Sei herzlichst gegrüßt – Martina

  3. 20. Februar 2017 / 1:40

    Thank you so much Matina! I am honored to be partnered with such a stylish woman like yourself.

    • Martina Berg
      20. Februar 2017 / 14:45

      Dear Nora, it was a big pleasure for me to introduce you on my blog. You know that I am a great FAN of your wonderful jackets. Best regards – Martina

  4. Martina Berg
    1. März 2017 / 17:02

    Liebe Saskia, schön, dass sucht hast. Ja, ich blogge für die Generation 50plus und habe auch die erste Imageberatung speziell für die Generation 50plus – – vor 8 Jahren ins Leben gerufen. Halte durch, mit 50plus wird vieles einfacher. Believe me! Herzliche Grüße Martina

  5. 4. März 2017 / 15:38

    Ein sehr guter Geschmack. Alter ist absolut keine Frage des Stils – im Gegeneteil 😉

    Habe eine wunderbares Rest-Wochenende <3
    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt,
    Claudia |

    • Martina Berg
      4. März 2017 / 20:10

      Liebe Claudia, ein herzliches Dankeschön für Deinen charmanten Kommentar. Definitiv ist Stil keine Frage des Alters, wie wahr. Freue mich auf Deine regelmäßigen Besuche. Herzliche Grüße Martina

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